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[ Nerdy Reyna ] - [ Sternberg ]
For the Swap Event! I thought it would be fun to draw Reyna as a nerd, and I'm sad I didn't post it sooner.

Oh well, now's a better time than later!
[ Marbles ] - [ DSN ]

Name: Iris “Marbles” Watterson

Age: Ten

Gender: Female [ She/They ] Often is referred to by “they”, similar to how their digimon refers to other digimon.

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 4’0

Weight: 61 lbs

OmniVice Upgrades unlocked: N/A


She’s incredibly cheerful, and more than a little positive in just about any situation. She talks a bit oddly, and is more than a little peculiar at all times. Marbles has a tendency to get herself in major trouble, especially under her digimon’s ‘watchful’ eye. Marbles often gets fairly injured quite easily, often carrying a fair amount of bandages at all times, just in case someone else gets hurt. She doesn’t really understand how some situations affect others, and can sometimes be a little unsympathetic at times due to her rather childish nature, given her young age.


Iris was a young Canadian child, born to an average income making household. She had an older brother at the time, who, while wasn’t the nicest, still relatively cared about her, even if they didn’t talk a lot. He had a desktop, and he often allowed Marbles to play on it. Marbles liked to download cute games with her brother’s supervision, just to make sure she wasn’t downloading any malware or viruses on accident.

One day, after getting the ‘okay’ to download a new game, her brother had to go help their mother, leaving the room temporarily. As she pulled up the game, she saw the cutest picture! A cute little egg of sorts on the screen! It made her excited, and she started to try and interact with it. Strangely, none of the clicking did anything. She seemed disappointed, but this was only temporary, luckily... The screen started glowing, and she heard a voice calling out to her.

Her brother came back into the room to see the computer shut down, and the computer chair empty.

Marbles woke up in a strange new world. They spent a short period of time wandering around, running away from giant monsters, hiding from terrifying creatures, etc. But one day, when hiding around a forest, she found a little egg. Marbles didn’t really know what to do with it, so they just kept it with them. After a short period of time, the egg hatched, and that’s when Marbles met Ferrolmon, and they’ve been together ever since.

Even if Ferrolmon wishes the ten year old was dead already.


    -       Marbles and Ferrolmon don’t exactly get along. Marbles cares about Ferrolmon, but Ferrolmon absolutely despises their attitude, the fact that his tamer is so young, their appearance, etc.

    -       Marbles has been in the digital world for a long time, and has a bit of a glitch. They have a digitally induced stutter, and while it doesn’t drastically affect them, Marbles feels like it’s still a bit of a pain to deal with.

    -       Marbles loves candy and sweet things.

    -       Marbles isn’t interested in a relationship, obviously enough.

    -       They talk a bit strangely at times, if they do speak.

    -       If you are injured, Marbles will give you one of their bandages.

[ Ferrolmon ] - [ DSN ]

Name: Ferrolmon, Ferro

Attribute: Virus

He gets irritated easily, and has a bit of a superiority complex, even if he has little to no reason to be so rude. He acts more than a little unsympathetic, and he often causes his tamer, Marbles, to struggle greatly. He honestly despises his partner, and treats them as a lesser.


    -      He’s very fluffy, and he’s fine with curling up with people that are cold.

    -      He likes cuddles but he refuses to admit it. He also gets annoyed if Marbles pats him.

    -      He’d love sweets, if he can have them.

    -      Ferrolmon can fly pretty high. He can carry a lot of weight when flying, like when carrying Marbles, but he’s fairly lazy, so he’ll often drop them.


[ Fae’s Prey ] – Senses another lifeform, can cause brief intimidation and fear in that ‘prey’.

[ Fairy’s Curse ] – ‘Curses’ an opponent to feel a sharp pain somewhere random on their body for a short period of time.

[ Pixie Puff ] – Releases a very small amount of poison smog, which will float around an opponent until it fades away.


Name: Puckiemon

Type: Virus

Attacks: Fae’s Fright


Name: Fairimon

Type: Virus

Attacks: Fae’s Fear, Fairy’s Snaps

[ Child Age Swap Meme ] - [ Sternberg - High ]
So I made an Age Swap meme of sorts, where you draw your character at a younger age!

- In the normal age box, you draw your character (preferrably a headshot but go wild) at their current age.

- In the fullbody, you draw your character at the age you want to draw them in. If your character at this age was a prior evolution, feel free to draw them as such.

- The current age and chosen age boxes are for what age the character actually currently is, and the chosen age represents what age you are swapping this character to.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hi! I wanted to try and open some commissions, specifically for some pixels!

Basically, they'd be about 75 Points each, and they look like this:
Reno Sprite by Tricky-SoulsThe Toymaker sprite by Tricky-SoulsPuppetmaster sprite by Tricky-Souls

You'll receive both a normal, pixelated version,
The Toymaker sprite by Tricky-Souls

And a larger one, similar to this!
Callie Sprite by Tricky-Souls

With your purchase!

For 125Points , you'll get an animated walkcycle.
Puppetmaster Walk Sprite by Tricky-Souls

I cannot do:

- Overly Complex Designs [ These are little pixels, after all ]

- Mechas [ Sorry, I really can't. ]

- NSFW [ I am a minor. ]

I hope you have a nice day!


Tricky-Souls's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
* Just an average person who just wants to try and improve on her art skills, and improve her characters in general!

Either way, whether you like my art or despise it, I hope you have a wonderful day!

* I will admit that I am part of the Danganronpa, Undertale, Homestuck, Pokemon, and Digimon fandom. Feel free to question my existence.

* [ This'll mostly be an account for Homestuck art/ocs, so that's a thing. ]


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Maybe just a small place to send points for adoptables and commission points [If I ever plan to open them up they'll just be point commissions]? You honestly don't need to use this for any other reason, thank you for viewing either way!

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